25 books and 5 documentaries worth your while

Recommendations on what to read and watch from 20 Minutes into the Future

Hello from 20 Minutes into the Future. This week’s letter is 1,043 words, a 04:10 minute read. Today we’ll be wrapping up the year with a look back and some recommendations on how to dig deeper yourself.

If you’re a regular reader of 20 Minutes into the Future then you’ll know I’m an opinionated sort. As are you. A few readers have asked me to pull together a media list that vibes with our belief that big tech needs to do better. Below you'll find 25 books and 5 documentaries worth your while. Drop me a line if you do happen to give them a go.

I wanted to frame those recommendations in the context of the themes we’ve been discussing so far. Consider it a nice jumping on point for new readers or if you’ve missed a few as a regular reader. More to come in the new year.

The Outrage Economy

Back in July we took a critical look at the social media outrage economy:

  1. Outrage is the business model

  2. Social media is making you into an asshole

  3. New patterns, models, and networks

If you’re as pissed as I am about the outrage economy then you should check out:

21st Century Propaganda

Up next was a dive into modern propaganda:

  1. From Kissinger to Trump

  2. From Brexit to Christchurch

  3. How we can fight propaganda

If you want to know more about 21st century propaganda then dig deeper by reading and watching:

The Dystopia is Already Here

After that 20 Minutes into the Future cast it's gaze at all manner of dystopian scenarios brought on by big tech:

  1. The dystopia is already here

  2. How Facebook helped kill 6,700 people in one month

  3. How we can fix dystopia

If you want to explore more about the details of our modern dystopia then consider the following:

Big Tech’s Big Inclusion Problem

Then we spent time looking at how Google, Apple and the rest of big tech keep fucking up on diversity:

  1. Google vs. black people: Gorillas in the algorithm

  2. Google vs. black people: Scandal in Atlanta

  3. Big Tech's big inclusion problem

  4. Apple Card. Now with added truth

If you want to dig into big tech’s diversity and inclusion problems then you should read and watch:

The Many Ways Uber Remains Corrupt

And finally we took a deep dive into Uber's predatory practices and foul long-term plans:

  1. Uber and The Koch Brothers

  2. Uber's $3 billion dollar magic trick

  3. Uber's war on people of color & the poor

  4. Uber's plot to take over mass transit

  5. How we can fight Uber

If you’re interested in knowing more about how Uber, the gig economy, and platform capitalism are screwing us all then you should dig into:

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Next week: We’re on a break until the new year. See you again on 7th January 2020. I hope you have a few moments of zen over the hiatus. Big Tech hasn’t made things easy for us this year. But you’re stronger and more resilient than the bastards think you are -- don't let them or anyone else grind you down.

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