The oncoming storm

Hello from 20 Minutes into the Future. Busy week so I have to skip the usual newsletter approach. Instead I wanted to give you a preview of upcoming editions.

Regular readers will know propaganda is something I frequently write about. The disinformation campaigns for the 2020 US Presidential election are well underway. They need to be well understood as well.

In the next few weeks and months I’ll be writing about:

  • The role twitterbots have played in climate coverage and recent elections

  • Vladislav Surkov and the role social media plays in his concept of non-linear war

  • The tech-enabled destruction of local news and the war on the press

  • What happens when the left fights fire with fire

  • How Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is challenging big tech platforms and their policies

and likely more still.

If you haven’t read prior editions on the theme then I’d encourage you to check out these stories from 20 Minutes into the Future:

Consider this your chaos tornado warning.

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