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“Now, I'm no librarian, in fact, I don't know what star sign I am. But, as a famous person once said, ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.’ And as I - another more famous person - once said, ‘If you don't teach them to read, you can fool them whenever you like.’“ — Max Headroom

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20 Minutes Into The Future is a critical look at how technology is shaping our lives today and what actions we can take for a better tomorrow. It is written by Daniel Harvey, a digital product designer currently based in London. But he lived in NYC for 20 years so expect him to say “fuck” an awful lot.

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About Daniel

I'm Head of Product Design & Brand at The Dots which TechCrunch has called the "LinkedIn for Creatives." Before that I held executive roles at R/GA, SapientNitro, and Zone. In those roles I've worked with major tech companies like Google, Twitter, Apple, and more.

At The Dots we've created a diverse community by design. It is 61% female, 31% BAME, 16% LGBT+, and 12% neurodiverse. We take systematic and curatorial steps to maintain a safe space for our community. Niche networks with new business models are possible and they're a vital way forward for tech.

I write and speak about design and tech at Fast Company, The Drum, SXSW, and IxDA. I am a passionate advocate for diversity and sit on the board for Creative Equals. I’m committed to building a better tomorrow today.

I've worked in tech and online communities for over 20 years. I'm using that experience to write a newsletter that is worth your time and attention. Thank you for your consideration.

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