Evolving digital design [Podcast]

Big tech behaving badly, the future of work, and the power of niche networks

Hello from 20 Minutes into the Future. Busy week so I have to skip the usual newsletter approach. Instead I thought I’d share an interview I did for the Creative Next podcast which was released in Jan of 2020.

In it I discuss with Dirk Knemeyer and Jonathan Follett frequent themes of the newsletter like big tech behaving badly, the future of work, and the power of niche networks. More details from their synopsis:

Design has evolved since the rise of the Internet and mobile computing, resulting in unintended negative consequences in our world such as the appropriation of social media technologies by evil actors, and the pernicious influences of bias and other invisible forces. In extreme cases our tools even contribute to the culmination of the most horrific of outcomes, such as the genocide in Rohingya. We explore how these complicated dynamics provide a glimpse into the future of design and technology.

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